About Rosengart Luxury Real Estate,

It was a passion for quality that built the Rosengart Foundation.

Christian-Alexander Rosengart
Christian-Alexander Rosengart

In the early 20th Century, when father-and-daughter art dealers Siegfried and Angela Rosengart would happen upon a painting that they loved too much to sell on, they would instead add it to their own small private collection of artworks. Today, the Rosengart Foundation has become one of the most culturally significant and well-respected art collections in the world.

Perhaps it is no surprise then that Christian-Alexander Rosengart has the same passion for quality that his family name has become synonymous with.

The experience of owning his own luxury brokerage and property development firm for nearly twenty years has enabled Christian-Alexander to establish a strong reputation in the international real estate market.

And it’s why you will find in Rosengart Luxury Real Estate that same commitment to quality that you would expect from the name "Rosengart".

Real Estate is an Art