Rosengart Foundation

The home to some of the finest works of Classic Modernism ever produced, it is no exaggeration to say that the Museum "Rosengart Collection" is a deeply significant feature of the Swiss cultural landscape.

X-Chen Paul Klee 1938
X-Chen Paul Klee 1938

While officially founded in 2002, the collection grew over many years under the private ownership of Lucerne art dealers Siegfried Rosengart and his daughter Angela, whose shared passion for some of the pieces they came across meant that they could not bring themselves to sell them at their gallery.

Though featuring pieces from such modern masters as such as Cézanne, Monet, Braque, Matisse, Léger and Miró, it’s the work of two world-renowned artists that forms the heart of this collection; Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee.

A decades-long friendship between Angela Rosengart and Pablo Picasso resulted in an unsurpassed and uniquely personal collection of his work, with 32 paintings and over 100 drawings, watercolours, graphic works and sculptures.

While Angela Rosengart’s love of Paul Klee has meant that the Foundation’s collection of over 125 works truly stands as a testament to the artist’s diversity and talent.

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