Contextual Architecture

How to emulate the site's existing natural features?


Contextual architecture, also known as contextualism in architecture, refers to an approach that takes into account the specific context and surroundings of a building or structure in its design. It emphasizes the importance of taking advantage of natural elements and to work in harmony with the landscape.
At Rosengart, our team of architects undertake a contextual approach for each project, taking into consideration the environment, the setting, the vegetation, the site and the topography.
We create a design which not only fits within the setting, but improves the experience of the context visually and physically.
Working in harmony with a building’s surrounding landscape results in beautiful solutions that preserve and enhance the very qualities that define place.

An analysis of the project location and a sensitive visit to the site allow the development of concepts, figures or shapes: the starting point for the creation of spaces.
The composition of forms should work as a whole but also relate to the physical context around them.
Constraints very often give rise to the most charismatic achievements. Each project is an opportunity, a privilege offered to creativity, sometimes a highly technical challenge involving civil engineering.

As witnessed by our masterpiece property Skyblade, whose cantilevered structures and floors literally float in the air, a paradox made possible specifically due to the use of civil engineering.
As if to outwit the difficulties, Rosengart enjoys transforming constraints into opportunities, imagining architectural projects that make no concessions.

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