Rosengart group

Our work appeals to those who share a passion for excellence, the value of design and the importance of details.

A passion for excellence

Backed by expertise acquired over more than 20 years in luxury real estate, we are developers and creators of exclusive residences in the most prestigious locations on the French Riviera and in the Principality of Monaco.

Our experience in understanding the market, coupled with our driving passion to extract all the potential a property has to offer by optimizing what already exists with unique finishes, enables us to add significant value to each property.

The wide array of projects in our portfolio comprised of apartments, Penthouses and exceptional properties illustrates all the know-how of our architects and designers who never cease to push back the boundaries of feasibility, bringing into play all the innovation proposed by the worlds of design and civil engineering. Each property signed Rosengart is a rare accomplishment, proof that nothing is impossible.

“Our passion for excellence and unequivocal commitment to detail inspired us to write a brand new chapter in our company’s history.
It is one that we’re proud to be sharing with you now.”

Christian-Alexander Rosengart

Monaco, Venice, London & Dubai

Monaco, an address unique worldwide with a remarkable concentration of cultures, is home to the headquarters of the Rosengart Group.

Venice remains the creative nerve centre. Rosengart has set up its construction laboratory here with a pool of architects, designers, engineers and specialists in town planning.

London, essential as a prime real estate hub, is watching the Group carrying out new projects there and studying concepts for developments.

Dubai allows the Group to operate in all countries in the Middle East, a particularly creative real estate scene, also one of the most active in the world.

Real Estate Investments

Through our driving passion to extract all the potential of a property, we unlock value to prosper within a safe market.

Property Development

Our work appeals to those who share a passion for excellence, the value of design and the importance of details.

Civil Engineering & Contextual Architecture

Stirring up magic and emotion is our greatest challenge, whatever the size of the project.

Real Estate Monaco & the Riviera

Our long experience in the field enables us to propose the most prestigious properties in Monaco and on the French Riviera.

Our Philosophy

An expression of beauty. The pursuit of an attainable perfection.

At Rosengart, we believe that Real Estate is an Art.

It’s a belief that defines every aspect of our company, and it’s why you will find an absolute attention to detail and elegance in every one of our properties.

Rosengart Foundation

The home to some of the finest works of classic modernism ever produced. The museum Rosengart collection is a significant feature of the Swiss cultural landscape.

While officially founded in 2002, the collection grew over many years under the private ownership of Lucerne art dealers Siegfried Rosengart and his daughter Angela.

Though featuring pieces from such modern masters as such as Cézanne, Monet, Braque, Matisse, Léger and Miró, it’s the work of two world-renowned artists that forms the heart of this collection; Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee.

A decades-long friendship between Angela Rosengart and Pablo Picasso resulted in an unsurpassed and uniquely personal collection of his work, with 32 paintings and over 100 drawings, watercolours, graphic works and sculptures.

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