An on-going quest for æsthetics.

[Phase 1]
Design and Specifications

Each project is unique and bears witness to architecture in constant evolution, which relies on an on-going quest for æsthetics, directly linked to the life to be created in the indoor and outdoor areas of the property, apartment or penthouse.

The design phase stems from the initial survey performed by dedicated teams: the architect, building accountant, designer, landscaper and chief operations officer.

While the designer lays the project's foundations with client's requirements, they all work in close collaboration, placing their experience at the service of a shared creation. Inspiration is born in situ, the philosophy behind the project is sketched out, as architecture as seen by Rosengart is above all contextual.

The first sketches already convey understanding and mastery of future perspectives and volumes, as well as perfect integration into surrounding nature.

As for the landscaper, he or she works on perspectives and axonometrics, listing the plant life and mineral elements which will give the garden all its meaning.

The project comes to life, the intellectual phase of maturing the concept takes the form of tangible suggestions. Care for detail which characterizes the Rosengart signature already appears in proposals made to the client.

Several alternatives are in fact provided; if they all meet the client's wishes, the Rosengart team nevertheless focuses on going further in the search for solutions endowing the project (in both development and redevelopment) with its full potential.

Client's taste at the forefront

The client is involved throughout the creative process, from the very first exchanges of ideas based on sketches to the property's turnkey delivery.

Taking the client's tastes and desires into account, together with the property's potential which must be pushed to its furthest limits, the in-house design studio produces plans, graphic and technical representations of the building, and a 3D model, an indispensable tool for grasping the flow of circulation and volumes, room by room.

[Phase 2] Choosing Style

Initial meetings with client set the tone. For a development or creation-structuring project, these exchanges allow for needs and expectations to be identified as closely as possible.

It is then up to designers in the in-house design studio to materialize them, interpret them, provide a score which is fully in tune.

Building materials, fabrics, furniture and decorative items, not forgetting house linen…, everything follows the project's guidelines and key thread.

The world of yachting, renowned for the quality of its fixtures and fittings, and optimization of the tiniest square centimetre, inspires some Rosengart developments or redevelopments.

Sourcing the most prestigious materials

In order to maintain an exceptional level of creativity and offer each project a unique personality, professionals in the in-house design studio devote a great deal of time to searching for noble materials. They will be responsible for the success of a new development.

"Enchantment must cast its spell as soon as one approaches the property and steps inside, and each step must be a discovery for the senses."

Marble is one of Rosengart's essentials. It comes from all over the world (Italy, Brazil…) and, the real challenge lies in finding the "rare pearl".

The designer's experience and knowledge of the subject allow him to appreciate all the characteristics of this rock and thus choose the slab which will be ideal for the project in hand.

He will single it out and take a photo. For two reasons: first, to check its quality, then to use the image on renderings, to make them look as close as possible to the reality.

Marble is in fact laid on walls and floors to the nearest hundredth of a millimetre, as it will be once the project is completed. Reality will conform to the image proposed to the client.

Wood is another material very often found in creations signed Rosengart. It is selected to meet the same level of demand. From forests on five continents, wood essences are also the subject of all the designer's attention. A true connoisseur, he knows which ones will perfectly meet his expectations in terms of hardness and æsthetics.

" The quality of our creations depends on our sourcing. It also enables us to keep our creativity intact and never become repetitive in our proposals". 

Rosengart Style

There really does exist a Rosengart style. An immediately identifiable signature.

The quality of a property is defined by the details and finishing touches, which give added value to the entire project and bears the stamp of Rosengart.

Whether it opts for a more classic or assertively contemporary approach, the property's style always accomplishes the feat of being timeless and unique.

Finishes and decorative elements

Renowned for its highly demanding processes and the quality of its finishes, Rosengart has succeeded in building a pool of professionals who share the same values and are proud to participate in exclusive projects.

Passion is contagious and collaborators work with rigorousness and the deepest attention to detail.

Each project is the subject of daily follow-up, from its launch phase to delivery. Interior decor is given consideration right from the start and forms part of the whole.

While the property with its surroundings and the client's tastes dictate both the style and the colour palette, it can also revolve around a dominant colour. Harmony then becomes even more subtle.

In charming references to the various addresses on which it is working, Rosengart always give priority to personalization. Bathroom linen (bathrobes, bath and hand towels, slippers) bear the property's monogram. Tableware also conforms to pre-defined colour codes and styles.

Decorative accessories all have a part to play and must be exactly in their right place. Their design and colour meet the same demanding criteria as the entire property.

"They are essential complements to design in its entirety and they give the home a feeling of warmth".

Creators of ambiances, lighting fixtures must be æsthetically pleasing. Whence thorough research on the subject and, if necessary, personalization or modification of lamps. The indispensable combination of direct and indirect lighting offers occupants a choice between different scenarios and atmospheres.

[Phase 3] Furniture Design

Italy in general, and Venice in particular, are of special importance to the Rosengart Group. The design studio has become a fantastic hub for working at the heart of creativity and unearthing new artists and master craftsmen.

Its indoor and outdoor fittings, designed and perfected down to the slightest detail, attest to an on-going quest for stylishness and practicality. Æsthetics and ergonomics go hand in hand, neither one making any concessions to the other.

The professionals in the in-house design studio follow current trends with discerning eyes, mainly intent on imagining and designing unique interiors that take the entire property into account, together with the needs of future residents. 

"Our approach encourages us to create unique rooms corresponding to each project, and thus go beyond trends towards timelessness," explains Francesco.

Starting from which, everything becomes possible. Tables, consoles, bedside tables, chairs, sofas… but also walk-in closets and stairs are born from the imagination of talented craftsmen.

Whether carpenters, upholsterers, marble cutters…, they all subscribe to the "Rosengart culture" and totally master their fields.

In their hands, an object becomes a work of art, a one-off piece. As demonstrated by this staircase made of wood from the Venetian lagoon with transparent glass, a real masterpiece of lightness and elegance.

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