A concern for detail at every step.

[Step 1] Budget

A Rosengart project is designed as a real concept. Since the creative phase is of prime importance, it always precedes calculation of the provisional budget.

A constant factor of precision allows Rosengart to identify great opportunities, then unleashing all their potential. 

In collaboration with architects and based on specifications, the designer in the in-house studio prepares an estimate and define the property's price per square metre. The building accountant then confirms or adjusts the figures.

A provisional Rosengart budget may thus offer the client a baseline version, to which options or a full option version will be added, according client's requirements.

[Step 2] Administration

In Monaco and France, all development and redevelopment projects must comply with a certain number of specific town planning regulations.

Thanks to its experience, Rosengart benefits from privileged professional relationships with the dedicated entities in both countries.

The exactitude of the files presented, the transparency of each of its procedures, a clear and constructive dialogue with the agents, enable it to obtain in the fastest possible time the permits and authorizations indispensable.

In both countries, Rosengart's pool of architects, who benefit from well-deserved professional recognition, undertakes to explain and demonstrate the merits of their application, backed by plans and technical details.

Thanks to regular concertation with property trusts – and co-owners –, serene relationships marked by mutual trust can also be established.

The professionalism of Rosengart teams also guarantees peace of mind for the client throughout the entire phase of administrative procedures and granting of the authorizations required for the project to be carried out.

[Step 3] Project Management

Visiting a Rosengart worksite allows you to instantly understand its management policy. Demanding, uncompromising, it forms part of a constant search for perfection, visible at all stages of a project.

Only firms that have won our trust participate in construction. Professionals selected with the greatest care, who share Rosengart values.

On a daily basis, the project leader, chief operations officer or architect joins the worksite manager to conduct a very precise review, observe the progress of the work.

Each worksite meets demands for unequalled tidiness and cleanliness. "The creation of an extraordinary property can only be imagined in a work environment which is itself exceptional."

An essential detail, so characteristic of high demands as seen by Rosengart.

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