Passion for design and obsession for perfection.

Experienced Teams

Rosengart draws its strength from its teams and the spirit that drives them. A "hard core" of about 20 collaborators, spread out between Monaco, Venice, London and Dubai, joined by partners who share the same values and are proud to live extraordinary creative experiences by their sides.The key word: passion. That imparted by Christian-Alexander Rosengart who knew how to build teams. Rosengart is a think tank, a model of synergy.

"Uniting the highest skills, passionate people, fully committed and proving their rigorousness day after day, makes it possible to innovate, go one step beyond, and achieve the extraordinary together. I believe in team spirit. By multiplying associations of talents, it is amazing to observe what human beings can achieve. It's an inspiring adventure."

"The ideal equation between creativity and engineering, it enables us to achieve the impossible and attain excellence", recalls Christian-Alexander Rosengart.

Unearthing talents and, in each profession, enlisting the best, those who, like Rosengart, have made their passion their work, and vice versa. But also "making room" for young people because they bring fresh impetus.

Rosengart is keen to see that they become aware of their full potential and their capacity to accomplish wonderful things.

Monaco, Venice, London, Dubai

Monaco, an address unique worldwide with a remarkable concentration of cultures, is home to the headquarters of the Rosengart Group.

Venice remains the creative nerve centre. Rosengart has set up its construction laboratory here with a pool of architects, designers, engineers and specialists in town planning.

London, essential as a prime real estate hub, is watching the Group carrying out new projects there and studying concepts for developments.

Dubai allows the Group to operate in all countries in the Middle East, a particularly creative real estate scene, also one of the most active in the world.

Inspiration Sources

Inspiration, that creative impulse whose origin remains a mystery… As readily described by Christian-Alexander Rosengart: "Magic takes over when a group is creative: it becomes a philharmonic orchestra… with its conductor".

A conductor with many sources of inspiration who grew up in a family of collectors and passionate art-lovers. As a child, he visited the Prado, the Louvre, the Rijksmuseum… He attended his first opera, La Traviata, at La Scala in Milan when only six years old.

Initiated very early on, this open-mindedness to the world still lives on today. Each trip is a new opportunity for discoveries, encounters, the acquisition of yet more knowledge. A large notebook and a box of Faber Castell never leave his side; notes and precious sketches produced on the spot keep memories intact.

Attentive and passionate attendees of international fairs and the world's greatest design shows - and those for insiders, as well -, we keep an eye on emerging new talents. The most iconic brands, all sectors combined, hold no secrets, and the close relationships we have built with some of them guarantee constructive and fruitful exchanges.

"Our approach is inclusive, not exclusive; discovering, exchanging, everything is a matter of permanent sharing. Interactions between disciplines are important, they are an inexhaustible source of inspiration".

Passion for excellence

Our work appeals to those who share the passion for excellence, the value of design and the importance of details.

This is the essence of our work. Each project is meticulously followed up in each single part of the entire conception process from the idea to the realization, but also from the smallest to the most important piece, in order to offer a real added value to the property

Attention to Details

An assertion to which all Rosengart teams and collaborators adhere. Close attention to detail is found at all stages of a project and in the organization of the process itself.

"Perfect home interiors are the result of high standards for details in terms of construction, standards also applied to furnishings, woodwork... The smallest decorative object also plays a decisive role, as it completes the overall design", says Italian designer Francesco.

The finished product thus meets the highest demands for quality and each square centimetre of a property bears witness to Rosengart know-how.
Demands that thus accept no compromise, even, and above all, on the infinitesimal or invisible. As explained by the fact that care for detail is nourished by the in-depth knowledge acquired by each player in the project.

The perfect functioning of full-height picture windows depends on their precise positioning. The esthetic effect of a floor depends on irreproachable laying of parquet, marble, tiling. Lighting - a real stage-setter creating light and shade, perspectives and nuances - obeys very strict rules mastered by a scenographer.

Attention is also paid to detail in places where one would least expect it. It hides in electric panels in which everything is impeccable, in the pool's technical unit where pipes obey strict geometry. All the water shut-off valves and faucets are meticulously painted, plumbers' surge tanks are installed on walls with a perfect finish.

Choice of Materials

We all know how and why a given material or product is justified in receiving the closest attention; whether it is a rare kind of marble, a precious wood, a light switch, or LED… We are fully aware of the implications and repercussions of each of their choices.

"It is attention to the tiniest detail that distinguishes a project signed Rosengart," says Francesco.

The final word goes to Christian Rosengart: "Concern for detail is an obsession I exploit on all possible occasions".

The Outdoor Space

It becomes the natural prolongation of indoor areas, terraces, entrance paths… Barriers fall away for the benefit of fluidity and a feeling of infinity. It is up to the garden to rouse emotion, stimulate the sensory receptors of a human being.

The landscape architect is a story-teller. To unfold a delightful tale, he has to position space within its context, its surroundings. Without such integration, no scenario will succeed. Without energy being taken into account, no composition will be coherent.

Creating atmospheres, varying them, throwing bridges to pass lightly from one to the next is a challenge. In Monaco, as on the French Riviera, the palette of vegetation is very wide, offering many possibilities for associations.

Mandatory olive and palm trees are joined by many Mediterranean shrubs and plants which, when perfectly installed, will structure and adorn the various spaces.

Creative but respectful of natural constraints, the landscape architect will highlight panoramic views while filtering others. Whether masking or unveiling, he always composes living tableaux.

An art which, quite naturally, adopts space as an outdoor gallery. Contemporary works and sculptures line the path, recalling that, for Rosengart and its teams, "Real Estate is an Art".

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