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A World Architectural Achievement

There has never been a property like Skyblade. A remarkable feat of engineering, innovation and design excellence combine to create a sense of absolute infinity.

From the moment you enter this exceptional property and take in the panoramic, breath-taking Mediterranean vistas, you will know that this is where your life's journey has been leading... You will know that you have arrived.

An architectural bias allowing for no concessions

Overlooking the inspirational bay of Cannes, with a unique, cutting edge design and a refined, elegant finish, Skyblade is more than a home where every lifestyle convenience can be found... Skyblade is an experience.

Never before has a structure of such scale and ambition been capable of blending so perfectly and effectively into its natural surroundings. It is a design that not only works with but compliments the location’s innate beauty and stunning scenery.


A remarkable feat of engineering, innovation and design excellence combine to create a sense of absolute freedom.

In this masterpiece of symbiosis, where one would expect to find a clear delineation between the roof and garden, there are only 'blades'.

Because these high-performance steel structures do not require the support of load-bearing pillars and walls, they allow for an unprecedented degree of open space and design flexibility throughout the building. This unfettered space provides clean lines of panoramic sight throughout the whole property.

The interior design takes direct inspiration from the fashions and tastes of today's world, but re-imagines them with a boldness of touch and a uniqueness of vision. It's an approach that ensures the sense of modernity is reflected throughout Skyblade, and not just in the striking design of its exterior.

A Pharaonic Construction Site

Passion, precision, dedication.

A relentless and exciting development.

Skyblade is an architectural bias allowing for no concessions, a tireless search for technical feasibility. Design and civil engineering beyond all limits.

Skyblade's Private Website Access

For further information about the masterpiece SKYBLADE, please contact us to get your access to the dedicated and private website, to discover a world reference in architecture.

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