CIVIL ENGINEERING & contextual architecture

Technique at the service of unrestricted creativity.

Art of Construction

As if to say that the combined talents of our teams enjoy taking on seemingly impossible challenges. We all work towards a single, identical goal: finding the means to achieve our ambitions, however lofty they may be.

"Each project is an opportunity, a privilege offered to creativity, sometimes a highly technical challenge involving civil engineering", explains Christian-Alexander Rosengart. "Stirring up magic and emotion is our greatest challenge, whatever the size of the project".

Technique is then placed at the service of development or redevelopment. While procedures exist and are already widely used in art works and the construction of public buildings, innovation lies in their transfer to the private residential sector.

From constraints to opportunities

Creative, audacious, avant-garde. Sleek and simple in appearance. Sleekness and simplicity synonymous with high technical prowess, because, as emphasized by architect Stéphane: "Ascribing to "less is more" implies total, no-compromise mastery of the tiniest detail and a constant search for perfection".

As if to outwit the difficulties, Rosengart enjoys transforming constraints into opportunities, imagining architectural projects that make no concessions.

Contextual Approach

Our team of architects undertake a contextual approach for each project, taking into consideration the environment, the setting, the site and the topography.

"Constraints very often give rise to the most charismatic achievements". As witnessed by our masterpiece property Skyblade, whose cantilevered structures and floors literally float in the air, a paradox made possible specifically due to the use of civil engineering.

An analysis of the project location and a sensitive visit to the site allow the development of concepts, figures or shapes: the starting point for the creation of spaces.

The challenge is to understand the added value that it is able to bring to each operation thanks to the savings generated in the optimal organization of spaces, as well as in the efficient management of people, networks, and manufacturing processes.

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