The Hôtel de Paris

In the heart of Monaco, and among such auspicious surroundings as the Casino Monte Carlo, Café de Paris and the Jardins des Boulingrins, stands a true icon of the Principality; the majestic Hôtel de Paris.

A Belle-Époque masterpiece of architecture, its longstanding position as the jewel in the luxury Monegasque hotel market has been no accident. It was founder and visionary François Blanc’s intention to create “a hotel that surpasses everything that has been created until now”. 150 years later, that sentiment still holds true.

Today, under the auspices of the Société des Bains de Mer, the Hôtel de Paris is undergoing a significant refurbishment; one that maintains the establishment’s much exalted spirit, while ensuring its relevance in the 21st Century.

While certain internal features of the hotel will be preserved – such as the much-loved main entrance and lobby, and the spectacular Salle Empire – newer innovations to the hotel will include the creation of a centrally-located garden courtyard, roof renovations, a new spa, fitness and pool area, and a “rooftop villa” with a private garden and pool. Ultimately, while the overall capacity for accommodation will be similar to how it was before, the number of suites will increase, both in number and in size. The hotel’s rooms will also increase in size.

For the Société des Bains de Mer, it was always imperative that the external renovation of the Hôtel de Paris allows for a continued integration with the urban landscape. Standing as it does between the faithfully restored Hermitage Hotel and the future real estate complex of the Sporting d’Hiver, great care has been taken to ensure the hotel does its part to retain an aesthetic synchronicity within the area, without compromising its legendary status. So while the original façade of the hotel will remain unchallenged, a refined and conceptual style will emerge from the third floor upwards, culminating in two horizontal glass lines underlining the final floors.

In its way, the Hôtel de Paris is emblematic of Monaco as a whole; both share a passion for preserving and honouring their unique history, while simultaneously and whole-heartedly embracing the 21st Century. It’s how both the hotel and the principality are able to continue to attract a modern world of business and investment, while never losing sight of what it was that set them apart in the first place.

Together, theirs is a bright future, built on the sure foundations of an illustrious past.

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Photo: SBM  Monaco