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The New Face of the Sporting d’Hiver Monaco

In an ever-changing world, the principality of Monaco continues to define itself as a modern, relevant and vibrant haven for luxury, leisure and business. Nowhere is this better reflected than in the redevelopment of the site currently occupied by the Sporting d’Hiver building.

Built in the 1930s, the Sporting d’Hiver was a forerunner for the types of leisure complexes we now know today, housing as it did areas for dancing, dining, gambling and bars, all under the one roof. In its day, this Art Deco building – nestled in the heart of Monaco’s grand Place du Casino – was a popular cultural pastime for locals and visitors alike.

Today, in response to the changing demands on the area from both the local population and visitors, the Société des Bains de Mer is moving forward in its plans to redevelop the site to create a major new pedestrianised street, housing shops, restaurants, and a public art gallery. Serviced apartments and offices will be created within an extension of the adjacent Hôtel de Paris.

The central focus of this mixed-use redevelopment will be a series of seven glass-fronted pavilions, the residential sections of which have been designed for both luxury and flexibility. For example, a unique contractible façade system – similar in concept to that of a convertible car roof – will allow the interior living quarters of each apartment to open up into an external living space, providing extraordinary views of the city.

Public access is at the very heart of this redevelopment scheme. In stark contrast to the Sporting d’Hiver’s dominant and restrictive presence on the streetscape, the re-landscaped design will generate an extra 30 per cent of public space on the site, with green spaces, water features and sculptures being a central presence throughout.

As always, the preservation of the area’s cultural heritage is of upmost importance. The sumptuous art deco Salle des Arts – a major exhibition space and one of the best loved features of the Sporting d’Hiver building – is to be recreated within a contemporary setting, with room to accommodate an entirely new exhibition hall during a second phase of development.

Due to be completed in 2018, it is projects such as this – with their emphasis on high density residential, retail and office development within the very heart of the country – which once again reasserts the government of Monaco’s ceaseless commitment to the economic, social and cultural development of this already exceptional principality.

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Images: SBM Monaco